Miss Buffy

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Not to be confused with the buffalo named Buffy
Miss Buffy
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
ResidenceThe Moon
FamilyLarry, Jerome (owners)
Fluttershy (former care taker)
Real world
Nightmare Rarity chapter III

Miss Buffy[1] was a Shadowfright who lived in the dungeons of the Nightmare Castle.[2]


Miss Buffy appeared to be a very cautious, timid and most of all, scared creature. The first aspect of it noticed was its dark, red eyes that would've look frightening if they weren't so scared. Without hesitation, Fluttershy called the animal over to her and though the creature was confused, it quickly grew to love Fluttershy's loving nature. Due to her raggedy, ugly appearance, Miss Buffy was considered gross by her peers, who thought Fluttershy got hit on the head during the previous battle.[3] Fluttershy shielded Buffy's ears when her friends started arguing with one another, assuring her that her friends were actually very good friends.[4] When Spike came to rescue the girls, he questioned if Fluttershy was alright, given her care for such a creature.[5]

After the battle for Ponyville concluded and peace was once again restored, Buffy was given a bow and was adopted by Larry and Jerome who promised to treat her very well.[6]


Miss Buffy was an affectionate but easily scared creature who grew to love her owners very fast.

Behind the scenes

Miss Buffy first appeared in the semi-canon story Nightmare Rarity, within the third chapter. Like other Shadowforces, her conception may have been inspired by Japanese mythology, namely the story of the Moon Rabbits.




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