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My Little Pony has seen a substantial presence in China. Seemingly beginning in Generation 4, China has produced a number of My Little Pony dubs, toys and productions. The country is bordered by Russia, North Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Laos, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Nepal and Tajikistan.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was dubbed in China under the name "Little Pony". It aired on CCTV-14 for its first three seasons, and was later streamed on Youku[9], iQiyi[10], and Netflix.

Friendship is Magic voice actors

Name Roles Notes
Hong Haitian Twilight Sparkle
Fan Churong Rainbow Dash
Li Ye Pinkie Pie
Zhang Anqi Rarity
Li Minyan Applejack
Luo Yuting Fluttershy, Spike

A New Generation voice actors


Name Roles Notes
Zhang Yazhu Sunny Starscout
Jiang Li Izzy Moonbow
Liu Shengbo Hitch Trailblazer
Xie Ying Pipp Petals
Tina Chan Zipp Storm
Ma Yang Sprout Cloverleaf
Qin Ziyi
Hou Xiaofei
Li Chunyin
He Ruofan
Wang Yuhang
Additional voices

Theatrical dub

Name Roles Notes
Meme Yan Sunny Starscout
Yu Shuxin Izzy Moonbow
Tianxiang Yang Hitch Trailblazer
Olivia Tong Pipp Petals
Rongshan Chang Zipp Storm
Tang Shuiyu Argyle
Yáng Chén Phyllis Cloverleaf
Chen Ziping Sprout Cloverleaf
Xuě Méng Queen Haven
Mo Yang Alphabittle Blossomforth
Miao Zhuang
Li Shanshan
Ye Zhiqiu
Wang Yifei
Zhang Xinyue
Ma Yufei
Liu Danyang
Li Shaogang
Liu Jianhao
Ma Yuxin
Jí Jí
Li Fengyun
Shi Wanting
Additional voices


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