Religion in My Little Pony

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A minister, possibility denoting some form of church

Obviously, Religion in the worlds of My Little Pony has never been a concrete and oftentimes shaky subject to say the least. Given the trademark fantastical, yet grounded natures of the worlds commonly depicted in My Little Pony works, stray references to religious practices have, at time, been mentioned.


My Little Pony

Firefly claimed that Megan was the "answer of her prayers" when she fled Dream Valley after Scorpan attacked and kidnapped her friends.[1]

The palace of Prince Philip featured a statue of an Angel.[2]

Spike once met an angel named "Happy New Year".[3]

Megan once prayed that she could escape the dungeons of Tambelon.[4]


Meadowlark prayed that her wedding would turn out fine, possibly denoting she has some religious background. Likewise, her wedding was greeted by a Minister.[5]

A pony once exclaimed "for heaven's sake", which may imply a belief in an afterlife.[citation needed]

Friendship is Magic

The Sun and Princess Celestia have both been thought of as nearly mythological entities by the ponies of Equestria.[6]

Twilight Sparkle read a book that mentioned a possible church named Notre Dame.[7] The city of Canter Creek had a reverend named Blazing Saddle.[8] Another religions place, Leaning Tower of Pisa was depicted in Grogar's instagram selfies.[9]

Ponies know what gods are, and referred to Discord as a god on at least one occasion.[10]

Some form of Judaism may exist in Equestria, as a pony named "Coltberg" celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at the Whinnyapolis Motel.[11]

Presence of gods

Over the years, quite a few gods have appeared throughout the series, such as Hercules. In addition, some characters, such as Discord, have been referred to as gods before.[12]

In fanon

"I guess since I'm a princess and a brand new deity
I should perform some miracles or place some minds at ease
But I never had a plan for this, much to my dismay,
So I'll just tell my subjects that it all will be okay!"
Twilight Sparkle in "The Last Alicorn Princess"

In several fan circles and fanfictions Alicorns are synonymous with gods and deities, some going as far as stating that Princess Celestia was the divine force who created the universe, multiverse, or whatever. Some fanfictions tend to compare the Alicorns to entities like the God Emperor of Mankind from the Warhammer franchise.