Scorpan (My Little Pony)

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My Little Pony • Friendship is Magic (Eris' dimension)
MLP50 Scorpan.png
Species Transformed human
Gender Male
Occupation Prince
First "Rescue at Midnight Castle"

Scorpan is the leader of Tirac's forces, in fact, he was his only soldier with a name or unique design. He may look scary, but he actually likes hugs and cuddling. He has a good heart and gentle personality underneath his monstrous exterior, with a lighthearted sense of humor to boot.


Scorpan was actually a human prince who at one point befriended the kind dragon Spike. At another unspecified point, he was transmuted into a hideous rat-like creature, presumably by the Tirac using the power of the Rainbow of Darkness. Scorpan acted as the commander of Tirac's army, commanding the Stratadons to invade Dream Castle in order to kidnap the ponies. He only managed to nab three of the four ponies Tirac requested him to do so. What would happen if he received all four is unknown, but it could be assumed that Tirac promised to turn him back into a human if he did.

When he failed, Tirac threatened to decapitate Spike if he could not get a fourth pony back to Midnight Castle by midnight. Upon hearing this threat, Scorpan gave up trying to please Tirac and instead broke the ponies free from his captivity. With his help, the ponies were capable of defeating Tirac and overpowering the Rainbow of Darkness with their own Rainbow of Light. After the effects of the darkness subsisted, Scorpan was reverted into his normal form as a human. There, he shared a hearty laugh with his new found pony friends.


  • Along with Tirac, Scorpan is among the most famous characters in the entire generation 1 canon, due to his frightening appearance and sympathetic role in the series.
  • Although his appearance as a rat-like man was only a transmutation effect, it would spawn an entire race of Gargoyles in the Friendship is Magic canon.
  • Likewise, the Friendship is Magic Scorpan was born as Gargoyle instead. Additionally, that version of Scorpan was Tirac's younger brother and loved him dearly, while this Scorpan hated Tirac.


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