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MLP Garth.png
Species Gnome
Gender Male
First "Flight to Cloud Castle"

Garth was a young Gnome boy who was madly in love with Arial.


Though relatively incompetent and a blatant defeatist, Garth brave and determined if nothing else, clever as well. Garth knew that Arial's father had cursed Arial to lay asleep in Cloud Castle for a courageous young spirit to brave its trials to kiss her. With the help of Twilight, Locket and especially Heartthrob, Garth was able to brave each one of the trials. When he finally got to Arial and kissed her, he was crushed when she realized she wasn't interested in him at all and refused to marry him.

Devastated and annoyed, Garth fell into a deep depression and refused to use his Gnome magic to save his friends and Arial from the collapsing Cloud Castle, however, he eventually did so and afterwards, Arial said she would give Garth a chance.


Behind the scenes[edit]

Fan reception[edit]

In 2019, a prominent My Little Pony blog entitled Heck Yeah! My Little Pony Scans made a post jokingly hurling Garth into the fire for being the original "nice guy".


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