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Megan Williams
My Little Pony character
Megan wielding the Rainbow of Light
Biographical information
NationalityUnited States of America
ResidenceWilliams residence
FamilyWilliams family
Real world
My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle

Megan is a human girl, presumably from the United States of America who lives with her younger siblings, Danny and Molly in a rural house.


Early life

Not much is known of Megan's early life. She grew up in a rural region in what can be assumed to be United States of America and had a horse named T.J.[1] She was a huge fan of classic fairy tales and legends, such as The Adventures of Robin Hood and Alice in Wonderland and collected several books of that type.[2] In addition, she seemed to be a fan of geography and had a globe of Earth in her room.[2]

Midnight Castle

One night, Megan saw what she believed to be a shooting star, which actually turned out to be Firefly, fall into her well. Megan ran to see what happened, only to find the talking pony. The two quickly became friends and Firefly asked Megan to help her save her friends from the evil Tirek. Megan didn't think she was cut out for the job, but as the two flew to Dream Valley, she began to gain more confidence in her abilities.

In Dream Valley, she confronted Scorpan after he raided Dream Castle for more ponies to kidnap, though the gargoyle showed Megan mercy, telling her that this wasn't her fight. Together with the remaining ponies, Megan set off on a journey to save the kidnapped ponies and ventured towards The Moochick. On their way there, Applejack fell off a bridge into the Sea-Ponies Kingdom and Megan didn't hesitate to jump in after her to save her. The two were saved by the Seaponies, who offered to help Megan whenever she needed it.

The Moochick told them that the only thing that could stop Tirek was the Rainbow of Light, an artifact that he had regrettably lost and nearly gave up in finding, but they were able to find it once again. With the artifact in hand, they traveled to Tirek's lair at Midnight Castle.

Now at the castle, they were held off from entering thanks to a massive moat. Using the help of the Seaponies, Megan traveled across the moat and found a way to climb into Midnight Castle. In the castle, she and the others didn't know where to go, commenting that the castle was like a maze and they had no idea where the Rainbow of Darkness was. Applejack soon got attacked by one of Tirek's solders while Megan and the others didn't notice. Megan and the others soon found themselves in Tirek's throne room and begin to realize Applejack wasn't with them. Upon this realization, they were ambushed by Tirek himself and his guards. Tirek had chained up Applejack and used his Rainbow of Darkness to turn her into a dragon.

As this happened, Scorpon burst into the room and rescued Megan and the ponies as they ran to a tower. The castle began to shake and before Scorpan could help Megan and the others again, Tirek burst from the wall with his chariot, wielding the Rainbow of Darkness and chanting the spell to create the Night That Never Ends. Megan watched as Scorpan attempted to fight Tirek butt was easily overpowered and fell down to the ground. Scorpan believed all was lost, but Megan didn't believe so and together, she and Firefly flew up to retrieve the Rainbow from Tirek. Using the double inside-out loop, Firefly got Tirek to drop the Rainbow, who Bow-Tie picked up who tossed it to Twilight, who teleported away from Tirek's guards and threw it back to Firefly, who was attempting to fly it away to Dream Castle but was stopped by the Stratadons.

Tirek once again had the Rainbow of Darkness, so Megan used her Rainbow of Light to battle against it. The rainbow was small, but soon overpowered the Rainbow of Darkness and destroyed Tirek and returned all of his creations back to their original forms, turning his guards into butterflies and Scorpan into his human form. Megan and the others had a good, hardy laugh as Ember sneezed when a butterfly landed on her snout.[3]

she and the others encountered Scorpan again, who decided to help them fight against Tirek's soldiers, who had ambushed them. However in the process, Applejack was kidnapped by Tirek.


Megan apparently had her head eaten by a monster, presumably resulting in her death.[4]


Warm, mature and wise-beyond-her-years, Megan was a motherly figure towards her Pony friends and siblings, especially her youngest sister and the Baby ponies. She was always kind, gentle and comforting, but also daring, brave and adventurous, traits she shared with her brother. Although in her earliest adventures, Megan was apprehensive about going into dangerous places, she proved her unwavering character by risking her life to save her new friends from certain doom. Megan was very intelligent and was able to see through people, their motives and plans. She was also a very avid reader, with a large collection of fiction books and stories, with her favorite genre appearing to be fairy tails.[2]

She wasn't as technically inclined as Danny and didn't use much technological objects in her adventures and instead tended to use her own wits and abilities to solve problems. Although determined and optimistic, Megan wasn't completely unwavering in her demeanor and occasionally saw problems as unwinnable, giving up in the process. In these situations, she would pray for help or a solution, but not after trying to find one herself.

Megan said that she was going to pray while stuck in the Dungeons of Tambleon when facing off against Grogar, implying she may have been a religious person.

Behind the scenes


In the two films, Rescue at Midnight Castle and Escape from Catrina, Megan was portrayed by Tammy Amerson. In the follow-up television series, she was instead played by Bettina Bush. For unknown reasons, many sources list Ginny McSwain, a voice director and occasional actress, as her performer.

The oldest known reference to McSwain being the voice of Megan dates back to 2002 on an Angelfire website dedicated to 80s collecting.[5] The 2006 edition of TV Guide also lists McSwain as the voice of Megan.[6] The TV Guide website also lists McSwain as the voice of Megan in every single episode of the show, even in episodes she does not appear in.[7] No other known print source lists McSwain as Megan, making TV Guide the only 'official' source on the matter.

The generally reliable Behind the Voice Actors does not list McSwain as the voice of Megan in any incarnation[8], nor do any of the credits list McSwain as a voice actor, instead as a voice director. McSwain's own resume doesn't list her as the voice of Megan. However, her resume is noticeably barren.[9]

Evidence of Bush being the voice of Megan in the TV series is far more plentiful than internet sources. The credits sequence for every episode lists her, credited as Bettina, however, as was the norm, did not identify her to a specific character. Bush's official resume listed her as the voice of Megan, though further information has not been properly archive.[10]

As most guides and encyclopedias on American animation tend to just list off credit listings, most print sources tend to just list 'Bettina' with no further elaboration. The 2011 edition of The Video Source Book does however break this mold and list her Bush as the voice of Megan, however due to the recent nature of this book, it could just be listing off information gleamed from the internet.[11]

According to Behind the Magic, Megan was portrayed by two actresses. The Megan's first actress portrayed Megan through the majority of the show but was replaced by "an up-and-coming lookalike actress" during "Escape from Catrina" who looked totally different but "eerily the same". This was


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