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Camp Everfree
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Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

Camp Everfree was a well-known, if not well-funded, camp located in the Everfree Forest that was owned by the Spruce family. It was a popular destination for Canterlot youths and may have spreaded to other towns, such as "Alumni Town". Virtually everyone who attended it loved it, though Filthy Rich attempted to buy it and replace it with a spa.


According to a possibly-completely fictitious account by Timber Spruce, the camp was founded by his great-grandparents, Old Spice and Dove, who constructed the camp wanting to share it with others. However, they were confronted by Gaia Everfree, who eventually allowed them to keep the land, but not forever. However, the Gaia Everfree account was completely fake.

By the time Twilight and her classmates took a vacation there, the camp was now owned by the great-grandchildren of Old Spice and Dove, Timber Spruce and Gloriosa Daisy.

Several generations of alumni attended the camp prior to when Principal Celestia took her students there. Thanks to the "Camp Gift" tradition, several campers constructed structures and helpful items to improve upon the camp for future campers visits. One group built the Totem Pole and Celestia's group built the Sundial, with some apparent resistance from Luna, who thought it was impractical.

When Celestia took her students there, they decided their Camp Gift would be to repair the broken down dock. During the rebuilding process, Gloriosa was constantly hassled by Filthy Rich, a possible alumni, who badgered her to sell him the camp. While in a low point, she saw Equestrian Magic and followed it to the Crystal Cave in the Rock Quarry where she discovered the Geodes. Using them, she and the Equestria Girls gained wondrous magical powers.

Gloriosa used her magic to try to improve the camp, but her overly protective personality and stressed demeanor caused her to go insane with power, causing her to eventually turn into a monstrous form and seal away the camp in countless vines. She was soon defeated by the Equestria Girls, who helped her keep the camp by throwing a fundraiser concert in the Crystal Cave as the Rainbooms and invited countless alumni and other students from CHS, such as Golden Hazel and Nolan North, including the famous director, Canter Zoom.






Notable locations include:

For less notable places, see Camp Everfree Places


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