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Equestria Girls • Eris' dimension
Wallflower Blush
Equestria Girls character
Biographical information
OccupationGardener (hobbyist)
ResidenceCanterlot, Equestria
Real world
Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship

Wallflower Blush is a green-haired, skinned and brown-eyed student who attends Canterlot High School.


Wallflower was presumably born in Canterlot, Equestria and appears to be in the same grade as Sunset Shimmer. She met Trixie Lulamoon in 3rd grade, and later met Sunset Shimmer in 9th grade, but neither remembered her at all. Wallflower grew increasingly jealous and irritable as the years went on, being ignored by everyone around her. At some point, she discovered the Memory stone, an artifact that can erase the memories of others that somehow found its way in the Human dimension. Around the same time, she also discovered a beautiful rock formation, which she used as her garden. For awhile, she only used the stone to erase minor memories, such as awkward meetings and public speaking, but as her hatred for Sunset Shimmer grew, she began to use it for selfish means. Namely, erasing all the good memories everyone had of Sunset Shimmer.

Once Sunset Shimmer and her new friend, Trixie, discovered Wallflower was the one behind the memory erasures, they confronted her in the Yearbook Committee room, but during a "long" song sung by Wallflower, Sunset tried to steal the stone from Wallflower, which caused the teen to snap and erased the entire afternoon from Sunset's memory. However, through clever thinking, Sunset was able to remember what had happened and tracked down Wallflower in the parking lot of C.H.S. in front of Sunset's friends. The two had an argument and Wallflower attempted to use the stone to erase the memories of high school from Sunset's friends, but Sunset jumped in front of the attack to save them. In the process, Sunset lost all of her memories of the last few years, leaving her in a state where she forgot she ever turned into a human, or traveling to another world all together. Scared, alone and confused, Sunset struggled to do anything until her friends comforted her. Due to their Geodes, they were able to restore Sunset's memories.

Wallflower, realizing what she had done, and the damage she could've caused, felt completely ashamed of what just transpired, but to her surprise, Sunset apologized to her for always ignoring her and the two had a heartfelt hug.

After the ordeal, Sunset and Wallflower became good friends, with Sunset and the others visiting Wallflower's garden.


Wallflower was a quiet and generally peaceful person. Although good-hearted, Wallflower's years of being ignored caused a great jealously within her, causing her to believe the reason she was being ignored was because others hated her. Wallflower was a mostly forgettable person to most people; despite knowing Trixie since third grade, Trixie had no idea who she even was. Eventually, these feelings caused Wallflower to snap and abuse the powers of the Memory Stone to benefit her and hurt the people she felt the most amount of anger towards, namely Sunset Shimmer.

She felt genuine remorse for everything she did to Sunset, saying that she was so "ashamed" of herself after she erased Sunset's memories of high school. Wallflower had a few hobbies. She loved gardening, and she was passionate about the Yearbook. She seemed to be good with computers, or at least competent at using them and seemed to be a pretty skilled photographer.

Behind the scenes

Wallflower first appeared in Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship and was voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent, who also provides the singing voice for Pinkie Pie. Much like Twilight Sparkle, Gloriosa Daisy and Juniper Montage before her, Wallflower effectively serves as a tragic antagonist of her special, in the sense that she's not an inherently cruel or mean-spirited person, but instead a fragile young girl pushed too far.


Wallflower has appeared in the following alternate timelines:



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