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Grumm's Bazaar
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Grumm's Bazaar was a bazaar and market set up by Grumm in Klugetown located in The Mysterious South, possibly in Abyssinia. In stark contrast to the chaotic nature of Klugetown, Grumm's Bazaar set fourth to bring about order and lawfulness in the land, albeit in a chaotic and self-serving manner.[1]


Founded by Grumm the Lizardfolk, Grumm's Bazaar is still under Grumm's control even following the defeat of the Storm King. Since its inception, the bazaar sells a variety of goods from food, drink and even rumors, all of which are of varying quality. Deep within the bazaar houses Grumm's offices, which Grumm himself spends most of his time within. Despite being among the largest market places in Klugetown, the bazaar is exclusive and restrictive. Those who wish to enter must pay a hefty fee. Given the exclusivity, the market has better quality goods than most, but that is not saying much. Under strict rules, anyone who is caugt causing trouble in the bazaar will "at best" be forced to pay a hefty fee and be barred from its walls for life.[1]

Rumor has it that Grumm knows the names of any creature who step foot in the bazaar, and all within the bazaar at all times.[1]


Grumm wrote down very strict rules for his Bazaar. They are the following:

The Laws of Grumm's Bazaar
As set forth by Grumm of Klugetown

  • Any and all individuals who enter the bazaar must be permitted by way of registered membership.[1]
  • Any and a dealings, trades, exchanges, or business practices of any kind involving members must b recorded and submitted in written report form to the office of Grumm.[1]
  • Members must pay to the office of Grumm 10% of any divisible goods or currency accepted as part of any business transaction they are involved in.[1]
  • Any information exchanged as part of a business transaction must also be presented to the office of Grumm in written form if possible.[1]
  • No causing trouble.[1]
  • Any members acting with intent to break the laws of Grumm and/or Grumm's Bazaar will be tried in the Court of Grumm and if convinced, punished with a fine equivalent to damage intended and/or caused, then expelled and barred from Gumm's bazaar, and/or any oter punishment or payment that is deemed applicable.[1]




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