Princess Erroria

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I suppose I can't keep calling you "Dragon," can I? You need a real name.
This character either has no official name, or numerous "semi-official" names. See here for details
Princess Erroria
Friendship is Magic character
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SpeciesPony  • Pegasus
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"Call of the Cutie"

Princess Erroria, also known as Alula, is a filly who lives in Ponyville.


Behind the scenes

Like so many other ponies, Erroria started off as somewhat of a "nothing" character with no defined character traits and often changed appearance numerous times. Notably, even appearing in past events and as other "kinds" of ponies. Around the time season 3 rolled around, Erroria's overall characterization would be somewhat set in stone. She has been shown to be consistent friends with Ruby Pinch, Cloud Kicker and Golden Harvest, and possibly under the care of Amethyst Star, Lyra Heartstrings, Apple Stars or even Shoeshine.


Erroria is a nameless pony in canon, with Princess Erroria being an accepted fan name. Alula is another fan name.



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