Rock Quarry

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Rock Quarry
Equestria Girls character
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LocationEverfree Forest
Historical information
Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree

The Rock Quarry was a quarry and cave located in the Everfree Forest. The inside of the cave was referred to as the Crystal Cave.


The Quarry was able to be traveled to from Camp Everfree via the Nature Walk Trail, though it was off-limits to campers without one of its counselors supervising it. While Filthy Rich was planning on buying the camp, Gloriosa Daisy saw Equestrian Magic fly within the cave and went to investigate it. There, she found the Geodes, magical objects that granted its wielder unique magic.

Sunset and Twilight managed to track Timber Spruce into the cave, only to instead encounter Gloriosa who had gone insane with power. Using her magic, she trapped Sunset, Twilight and Spike, though they later managed to escape via Twilight's telekinesis and Spike's sharp teeth.


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