Thracian Palace

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Thracian Palace
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The Thracian Palace is a palace located on the island of Thrace.


The Castle was presumably built by King Thrace after he established his Thracian tribe on the island, and served as home to him and his descendants. By the Era of Twilight these included his heir and doppelganger, King Diomedes, and Diomedes' daughter Terri Belle, Blonn Di, Shining Light, and Swift Foot. Swift Foot was later dispatched from the palace to Ponyville to infiltrate the School of Friendship during the Feats of Friendship.

In other media

The palace appears in My Little Pony: Magic Princess as both a setting in The Thracian Infiltration event and a residential location. It is, like many locations in the game, located rather bizarrely in Ponyville. It is home to one of three multi-characters featured in the game, with Blonn Di and Shining Light being considered a single character. The other locations with this distinction are The Shadowbolts' Hut, its titular trio of residents also being treated as a single character, and the Apple Encampment, which is home to the three-in-one Apple Infantry.





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