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The name or term "Spike" refers to more than one subject. For a list of other meanings, see Spike (disambiguation).
MLP55 Spike.png
Species Dragon
Gender Male
Nationality Pony Lander
Address Paradise Estate
Family Spike's family
Parents Spike's parents
Real world
Voice actor Charlie Addler
First "Rescue at Midnight Castle"
Last "Escape from Catrina"

Spike was a baby who lived in Paradise Estate with his pony friends.


Spike never knew his parents, leading him to grow up uncertain of himself and his abilities.[1] At some point, he befriended the prince Scorpan and the two became quite close. Scorpan was willing to do just about anything to protect Spike from the evil Tirek, even harming others though it did him great displeasure to do so. After Scorpan, Megan and the ponies defeated Tirek, Spike went to live with them in Dream Valley.[2] Spike would have many adventures with his new friends after this point, though also went on his alone a lot as well.

Spike's character was tested when he encountered a young boy named Alonzo who wished to slay him. Spike recognized Alonzo as a "nice guy" who only wanted to do good and helped him on his quest to achieve knighthood. Despite their rough start, the two became friends afterwards.[3] Perhaps Spike's biggest and most important quest was when he traveled into the Jewel Desert and found Royal Paradise and the Princess Ponies. During this adventure, Spike ultimately helped unite the Lava Demon and Ice Ogre peoples, who had been warring and helped overthrow the wicked monarch Lavan who nearly destroyed the world with his power.[4]


Spike is generally shown to be kind, playful and thoughtful of others. He can get angry at people but never stays so and never really holds a grudge. He's shown to put others before him, and seems to value family and love above all else, as seen in his trek to find other dragons.

In other media[edit]


Spike's background and personality were radically changed in the Egmont comics, which tended to reflect the books and toys more than the cartoon. In the comics, Spike was the pet of Majesty, the queen of Dream Castle. Despite being a pet, Spike was often treated like a member of her family, such as being given responsibilities and tasks. It was occasionally shown and alluded to that Spike had a life outside the castle and had many dragon friends who he loved and hung out with from time to time.


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