Rainbow of Light

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Megan wielding the Rainbow of Light

The Rainbow of Light was a powerful object and acted as the good opposite to the evil Rainbow of Darkness.


The object was given to Megan Williams by The Moochick, who had previously lost the Rainbow and nearly gave up on giving it to her. Bow-Tie was disappointed that the Rainbow was so small though Megan and The Moochick both agreed that it was better than nothing and the young woman went about her adventure. Eventually when they confronted Tirek, Megan used the Rainbow of Light, but all that came was a small rainbow. Tirek fired back with the power of the Rainbow of Darkness, which appeared to consume the Rainbow of Light, however, the rainbow fought back and destroyed the Rainbow of Darkness, turning all of Tirek's creations back into their original forms and killing Tirek himself.[1]

Much later, Danny Williams began to play with the Rainbow and got the attention of Gock and Gluda who kidnapped him and Surprise to use the Rainbow of Light in their inventions.[2]


The Moochick described the Rainbow as being "brighter than a peacock's plume" and its blue and pink colors respectively were compared to the ocean and sunrise.