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S2E21 Fume.png
Species Dragon
Gender Male
Affiliation Garble's gang
Nationality Dragon Lands
Real world
Voice actor Matt Hill
First "Dragon Quest"

Fume, also referred to as "Purple Dragon"[1] or "Young Dragon",[2] is a purple dragon with a blond main and unseen eyes.


Fume is a member of Garble's gang and is pretty much only seen in his presence. He appears to be the most laid-back of the three members, talking in a "surfer-boy" type style, but was shown to be nonetheless cruel. A fan of comedy, he appreciated "Crackle"'s sense of humor. Like Fizzle, he seemed boastful of his fire-breathing capabilities and proudly showed off what he could do. He partook in every step of the hazing process of Spike, including the egg-smashing. When Spike refused to smash the eggs and Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Rarity came to his rescue, Fizzle was ready to battle the four, until they ran away.[3]





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