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Twilight's dorm, her place of residency for a period of her life

Homes are, in its most basic of definitions the dwellings of where people live. They can be as simple as this home where Derpy lives, or elaborate castles on celestial bodies, such as the Nightmare Castle. In Equestria, businesses that double as homes are also not uncommon, such as Carousel Boutique and Sugarcube Corner, but in most places, people tend to live in apartments like Babs Seed and Cuppa Joe, or neighborhoods, like Bon Bon and Melody. Some orphans, like Rosey live in orphanges, while others like Spike or Patch were adopted at a young age and lived in "proper" housings.

The point is, homes is a generic term and not everyone will have the same definition. Below you can find a comprehensive and dynamic list of the homes featured in My Little Pony.

List of homes


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