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Not to be confused with Ponyville Clinic, a house in My Little Pony: Magic Princess.
Ponyville Hospital
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The Ponyville Hospital was a major establishment in Ponyville, Equestria, being by far one of the largest buildings, likely the biggest until the Castle of Friendship and later School of Friendship were constructed. The place supplied the healthcare needs of many ponies in the town and served as the place were several babies were born and cared for in the earliest days of their lives.


Not much was really known about the hospital, other than it supplied typical healthcare needs. The head nurse, Nurse Neightingale, ran a tight ship but cared for her employees and patients safety, ultimately basing her decisions on their well being. The former janitor, presumably now doctor, Distemper had worked there for "a very long time", implying the hospital is quite old.[1]


The hospital is large and not located near any shops or buildings in Ponyville, but is in close walking distance to Fluttershy's Animal Sanctuary.[1]


The hospital includes many rooms such as the Laundry Room, Supply Closet and Nurse Neightingale's office.


Ponies born in the hospital

Ponies treated at the hospital



Unnamed employees



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