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Hercules was (most likely) from Ancient Greece

My Little Pony has had a notable presence in the European country of Greece since Generation 1, with regional toys and dubs dating back to the 1980s.


Generation 1

Generation 4

Generation 5


My Little Pony

Μικρό μου Πόνυ is the name of two distinct Greek dubs of My Little Pony. The first dub, referred to as the MEGA dub, was directed by Spyros Milionis and was recorded at Cross Studio, with distribution by Master Home Video and aired on the TV channel, MEGA in 1988. The second dub was released a decade later in 1998 by Star and Alter. This dub was directed by Louiza Mitsakou and was recorded at Audio Visual Entertainment, with distribution by Modern Times.[1]

Cross Studio dub:

Name Roles Notes
Mary Mavrommati Megan Williams
Natalia Tsalikis Megan Williams
Katerina Petousi
Elda Panopoulou
Spyros Bibilas
Yannis Zografos
Yannis Zografos
George Mazis
Marianna Triantafyllidou
Vina Papadopoulou
Loiska Avayanou
Vassilis Kailas
Dimitris Lignadis
Unknown Natalia Tsalikis and Yannis Zografos are credited singers

Audio Visual Entertainment dub: Template:Greek/MLP - STAR

My Little Pony: The Movie


My Little Pony Tales


My Little Pony: A Charming Birthday


Μικρό μου Πόνυ: Ο Χορός της Φιλίας - Χορεύοντας στα Σύννεφα


My Little Pony Crystal Princess: The Runaway Rainbow


My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade


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