Pre-Equestrian age

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The Pre-Equestrian age refers to the period of time before the Founding of Equestria. It includes much of the early civilizations, the reign of Grogar and the Three tribes period. The period itself succeded the prehistoric period and preceded the Age of Heroes.


Not much is known of the time before Equestria was established as a country by the Earth Pony, Pegasus, and Unicorn tribes. The territory that would eventually be known as Equestria was inhabited by Ponies previously, but it was also ruled over by the tyrannical Sheep Grogar. According to at least one account, he was known to have attempted an assault on the ancient city of Cloudsdale, which was met by an army of Unicorns led by Gusty the Great. Eventually, Gusty also succeeded in stealing Grogar's Bewitching Bell, stripping him of his stolen magical power and driving him out.[1][2][3]

Queen Parabola's reign predated the founding of Equestria[4], as did the births of Starswirl the Bearded, Queen Chrysalis, and the Changeling race.[5] The Crystal Empire was also established prior to Equestria's founding[6], in a region of the Frozen North previously terrorized by the Umbrum.[7] Princess Amore, the first ruler of the Crystal Empire, was speculated to have reigned as far back as two thousand years before the Era of Twilight.[8] A number of ponies subsequently took up residence in what would become known as the "Old Lands"; whether these were incorporated into the future Equestria is unclear.

Eventually, growing animosity between the three tribes attracted Windigos, resulting in a winter that threatened the livelihood of all three groups. Chancellor Puddinghead, Commander Hurricane, and Princess Platinum thus each set out to find a new homeland for their particular tribe, accompanied by Smart Cookie, Private Pansy, and Clover the Clever. King Thrace, later founder of the Thracian tribe and first ruler of the island of Thrace, would also travel in this search. By his own account, however, after the other six had located and established Equestria, he was rejected and forced to seek out a new home for his own followers.[9][10] This marked the beginning of the tribes being unified into one sole state.