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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
OccupationDragon Lord
NationalityDragon Lands
FamilyTorch's family
Real world
VoiceMatt Cowlrick
"Gauntlet of Fire"
"Sweet and Smokey"

Torch was a Dragon Lord and father of Ember, a subsequent Dragon Lord. As the ruler of the Dragon Lands, he seemed to be strict, but not cruel. He didn't appear to be well-liked by his people, however, as no one was sad when he decided to retire.


Being a dragon, it's entirely likely Torch is several thousand years old, or at least far older than any Pony, bar the Alicorns. Roughly a thousand years before Spike was hatched, Torch and another massive dragon attacked a unit of the Cloudsdale Royal Legion who had entered the Dragon Lands. They succeeded in taking two of them prisoner, but the others-led by Flash Magnus and Commander Ironhead-were able to rescue them. They then moved storm clouds together and caught the two dragons in a crossfire of lightning, which prompted the pair to retreat.[1]

At some point, he had a daughter named Ember. Some time after her birth, he was forced by dragon law to retire and host the Gauntlet of Fire to find the newest Dragon Lord, but banned Ember from entering. Ember entered anyway and she soon teamed up with a small dragon named Spike. Together, the two clashed with Garble for the right to become Dragon Lord. Spike won, but gave the title to Ember, who proudly took her role in spite of her fathers opposition. Despite his ire, he realized that if she was capable of getting the title, she was capable of ruling the dragons.[2]

When Twilight Sparkle was considering where she might send her pupil Starlight Glimmer, she briefly considered the Dragon Lands and created a magical simulation of such an event. Based upon Twilight's limited experience with dragons and personal misconceptions, she imagined a number of unlikely scenarios, including Torch giving Starlight a ride on his back.[3] Later, while attempting to deceive Spike into believing that he was his father, Sludge claimed that Torch had sent Spike's mother on a mission to scout out a migration route for the dragons.[4] Ember would later mention her father during her first time watching over dragon eggs, noting that Torch had not passed on much information on the duties of the Dragon Lord.[5]


After retiring from his role as Dragon Lord, Torch is said to have become calmer and more pleasant to be around.[6]

Personal life




In the time of Twilight Sparkle, Torch wore armor along with the Dragon Lord's crown and a gold band bordered with purpleish gray metal around his left horn.

Torch's armor is fairly simplistic, consisting of a single large breastplate that covers his upper chest, with large holes for his arms and smaller ones to accommodate his wings and back spikes. The metal of this breastplate is purple-gray, with layers of increasingly dark color spreading down from the neck. On his shoulders rest plates of identical coloring, while the breastplate itself is held in back by black straps with gold clasps.

Behind the scenes

Torch is a character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who first appeared in "Gauntlet of Fire" as the central conflict if the plot. His retirement meant certain doom if the wrong dragon won the title of Dragon Lord. Torch appeared in episodes after Gauntlet of Fire, but never quite became a major recurring figure.

Voice actors


  • His appearance was the debut role for Matt Cowlrick in Friendship is Magic, who would go on to voice Rockhoof.
  • Torch is one of the few recurring characters to not appear in the IDW Publishing comics, though his presence was indirectly mentioned in Wings Over Yakyakistan.




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