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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
NationalityDragon Lands
AffiliationGarble's gang
Real world
"Dragon Quest"

Backdraft is a violet dragon who lives in the Dragon Lands.


Backdraft associated himself with Garble, but didn't seem to partake in his gang activities. The two still appeared to be quite friendly with one another, as Garble put his arm around Backdraft's shoulder. Backdraft participated in most of the steps of Spike's hazing, though didn't take part in the egg smashing.[1] Spike would recall Backdraft’s presence enough for him to appear n one of the younger dragon’s dreams, in which he removed the incidents.[2]

He would later appear alongside Garble when various dragons were summoned by Dragon Lord Torch to take part in the Gauntlet of Fire. Donning protective armor, he attempted to retrieve the Bloodstone Scepter, but humbly submitted after Spike obtained it before surrendering it to Ember.[3] Backdraft was later among the dragons Twilight Sparkle incorporated into a simulation of the Dragon Lands involving Starlight Glimmer.[4] On another occasion, he and several other teenage dragons got together for some gorge surfing.[5]

He and Scalio also attended Dragon Lord Ember when she received Rarity with an appeal to allow Smolder to return to the School of Friendship.[6] Ember later called upon Backdraft, and a number of other dragons, to help heat up the next generation of dragon eggs. Thanks to Garble amusing them with some beat poetry, they succeeded in hatching the eggs with laughter fire.[7] Backdraft was later seen flying with Garble and Maar,[8] with whom he also joined in the defense of Equestria during the Apocalypse.[9] Afterwards, he was among the many attendees of Twilight Sparkle’s coronation as Queen of Equestria.[10]



Backdraft in his armor.

Backdraft donned armor by during the Gauntlet of Fire. The armor consisted of greenish gray metal plates, one of which he wore on his tail while two others were strapped to his forearms. A high-collared breastplate of matching color encompassed his chest, and another small plate protected his chin. The ensemble was completed by a helmet with a long strip that ran between his eyes and down his nose. The helmet had a fin on the back, and holes that allowed Backdraft's horns to stick out.



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