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"Gauntlet of Fire"

Maar, also known as the "Lavender Dragon" is a female, lavender dragon who seems to live in the Dragon Lands.


Gauntlet of Fire

When Dragon lord Torch started the Gauntlet of Fire, Maar was among the dragons who heeded his call and participated in the event. Her goal was to win the competition so she could make burping the official greeting of dragonkind. She got annoyed when Barry interrupted her and announced his own goal, to rob Equestria of its pillows.

When the gauntlet began, Maar adorned herself in dark purple armor. It was unclear how well she well she actually did in the trials, but appeared to at least do better than Ember or Spike before they began to help each other out. When Spike won the trial and was deemed the lord of all dragons, she and Scalio bowed in his honor with content faces. She later cheered on Ember when she proved herself as the next Dragon Lord.[1]

Second Dragon-Yak War

Maar in the second Dragon-Yak War

During the Second Dragon-Yak war, Maar fought in the Battle for Yakyakistan side-by-side her fellow female dragon, Cinders, and was defeated by Rarity[2] Despite being there when Spike was crowned the Dragon lord, Maar otherwise didn't recognize him when Scorchy caught him and dragged him into Ember's camp. As among Ember's seemingly most trusted or loyal companions, Maar was ready to attack Spike before Ember recongized him. After Ember and Spike had a falling out over the conflict, Maar smacked Spike with her tail and walked off. Despite this, Maar, Ember, Caldera and other dragons marched as an army as they went to confront the ponies. As soon as the whole war was discovered to be founded over a misunderstanding, Maar quickly dropped her aggressive attitude and gleefully helped rebuild all the Yak houses she destroyed.[3]

Further actions

Maar was among a number of dragons recreated by Twilight Sparkle as part of a simulation when she was considering where to send Starlight Glimmer. Later, she was part of a group of teenage dragons lava surfing in the Dragon Lands when Rainbow Dash and Spike came to retrieve Flash Magnus' shield, Netitus. On another occasion, she was one of the spectators when Smolder and Charcoal had an arm-wrestling match. She was also one of the dragons recruited by Ember to use their fire breath to warm the dragon eggs, and though she laughed at Garble's poetry she seemed in favor of Ember's decree that the dragons would henceforth celebrate their differences. Maar was later seen flying with Garble and Backdraft.

Maar was among the many dragons and other creatures who fought to save Equestria during the Apocalypse. She was also among the various attendees of Twilight’s coronation as Queen of Equestria.


During the Gauntlet of Fire trials, Maar was shown to be boorish and crude, but ultimately friendly. She genuinely seemed to believe burping was the best way to greet someone, and apparently burped in the presence of strangers in order to say hi.[4]



Maar without her armor

Maar was a lavender dragon with deeply red eyes. She was very tall, dwarfing over her friend and ruler, Ember.


Maar wore a suit of armor during the Gauntlet of Fire, though oddly enough, not during the Second Dragon-Yak war or the Apocalypse. The armor is dark purple in color with designs on its front, and consists of a breastplate, gauntlets, boots, and a helmet.

In other media

My Little Pony (Gameloft)

In Gameloft's mobile game, Maar is a character named "Lavender Dragon".

Behind the scenes

Maar first appeared in "Gauntlet of Fire" and later had an expanded role in Wings over Yakyakistan. She was named in the CCG in the Friends Forever expansion pack as Card #18.




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