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Species Dragon
Gender Male
Nationality Dragon Lands
First Convocation of the Creatures!
Last My Little Pony (Gameloft)

Blacktip is a male Dragon.


Blacktip was chosen to serve as archivist of the Dragons during the Convocation of the Creatures, during which he met and befriended fellow archivists Horwitz, Urtica, Glenda, and Raven Inkwell, as well as Twilight Sparkle. He attempted to impress the Princess with his skills, only to learn that she was a friend of Dragon Lord Ember and another Dragon, Spike. He subsequently toured the convocation with his newfound friends, including a display by a fire-breathing dragon artist.

After an ancient treaty was discovered that seemed to give Griffonstone the rights to much of Equestria, including Canterlot, the archivists attempted to find a means to prevent the Ponies' loss of their lands. Blacktip was initially indifferent, until Raven pointed out that Equestria was the source of 90% of the gems imported by the Dragon Lands and he quickly joined in. After discovering a second treaty that secured Equestria's future, Blacktip helped his fellows keep it out of the claws of the scheming Griffon Lord Goldstone.


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