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If you are looking for the parents of My Little Pony Spike, see Spike's parents.
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A fictional representation of what Spike's mother could've looked liked, conjured by Sludge’s story.
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Among the many great mysteries found in the world of Friendship is Magic, the lineage of Spike has always been a favorite among fans, though very little light has been shed on it. While Twilight Sparkle's genealogy has been explored in relative detail, Spike's has been teased at, but never given much detail.

However, there are some things we can gleam.


Spike's own recollection

As Spike was hatched by Twilight Sparkle during the Sonic Rainboom, he never met his true mother. However, he did apparently have some sort of mental image of her in his head. This was shown when he awoke from a dream and exclaimed "mommy!", and complained that Twilight wasn't his mother. While this could've just been a natural reaction, it may imply that he has some idea of his mother.

Sludge's fake story

According to Sludge he was the husband of spike's mother and thus, Spike's biological father. However, after an incident involving the Scale Collectors, the two got separated from Spike's egg, causing him to eventually find his way in the care of Twilight Sparkle. This later proved to be a ruse concocted by Sludge so that he could stay at Twilight's castle.

Other motherly figures in Spike's life

Twilight Sparkle

Spike's first and foremost mother figure is his best friend and caretaker, Twilight Sparkle. Twilight was the one who hatched Spike and though she didn't care for him in his first few months of life, and didn't care for him in his next few months, she did eventually grow to love Spike like family. Although their relationship has always been more of a brother-sister type, there have been implications that Spike viewed Twilight as a parental figure, and vice versa. Most notably when Spike was being "raised" by Sludge, he snapped at Twilight, claiming he had a real parent now, implying that he viewed Twilight as a fake parent of some sort.

Princess Celestia

Given inconsistent information, Spike and Celestia's relationship has remained unclear. According to Celestia, she raised Spike with "lots of love" in his earliest days,[1] but has otherwise stated that she hardly knew Spike.[2]

Speculation and fan-theories

"Spike was abandoned" theory

One of the many theories regarding Spike's upbringing was the possibility he may have been abandoned as a baby for one or many reasons. Common ideas include that the parents somehow deduced Spike was soft-hearted and physically weak before his hatching. Given that Smolder spoke fondly of her brother, it may be that Dragons do have strong family values, but of course, this may vary on the individual.

"Spike's parents are dead" theory

Another popular theory is that Spike's parents died, whether by an accident or by foul play. Given the violent nature of dragons that appeared in the first few episodes, many fans speculated that his parents may have been a typically warlike and savage people, though this notion has died out since dragons have generally been shown in a more positive light.

"Spike was laid long ago" theory

A more obscure theory posits that Spike may have simply been born several hundred or even thousand years ago. The theory tends to go that since Dragon's are a long-lived race, it's possible that unless their eggs are hatched, their primordial forms may simply last for just as long. Components of the theory also state how coincidental it is that P.C.S.F.G.U. just so happened to have a ripe dragon egg.

"Spike was sold" theory

Not so much a theory, but a plot point in a small handful of fan fictions imply that Spike's egg was sold by apathetic parents who didn't care for him.


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