Dragon Lord's crown

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The crown being worn by former Dragon Lord Torch.

The Dragon Lord's crown is a crown that has been worn by at least two Dragon Lords since the founding of the Dragon Lands. It serves as an additional symbol of the Dragon Lord's authority, though apparently secondary to the Bloodstone Scepter.


The Ancient Dragon Lord wore the crown at least towards the end of his reign, before he was deposed by Scales. Interestingly, though she robbed him of the Bloodstone Scepter, she is not known to have claimed the crown from him. Centuries later, the crown would be worn by Dragon Lord Torch, possibly due in part to his massive size in comparison to the Bloodstone Scepter making it unimpressive as a symbol of his authority. Curiously, even after Torch retired, Ember was not seen to wear the crown while serving as Dragon Lord.

In other media

The Dragon Lord's crown appears in My Little Pony: Magic Princess, both as a decoration that can be placed in Ponyville and as an accessory worn by both the Ancient Dragon Lord and Dragon Lord Torch.

Behind the scenes

It is unclear whether the crown is a single artifact worn by both the Ancient Dragon Lord and Torch, or if Torch's crown was made to the same design but larger. If the former, the crown apparently possesses the ability to change size according to the size of its wearer, though this would make it all the more puzzling that Scales and Ember did not take to wearing it after becoming Dragon Lord.