Unidentified dragon leader (Legends of Magic)

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Unidentified dragon leader (Legends of Magic)
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Legends of Magic issue 9
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This dragon was the apparent leader of a flock of Dragons suffering from scalerot, a disease that badly affected their wings. Seeking a cure for this "wingbreak", the dragons flew to the edge of Equestrian airspace and right into the Cloudsdale Royal Legion, who believed that the dragons intended to violate the ancient Dragon-Pony treaty in an act of war. Flash Magnus himself confronted the leader to prevent him and his comrades from crossing the border, but their confrontation was interrupted by the arrival of Rockhoof. While the Pegasus was distracted by the strange Earth Pony, Rockhoof's comrade Mage Meadowbrook approached the leader, having recognized the symptoms of his illness. She provided him with an antidote and instructed him on how he and his fellows could recreate it for themselves, and the leader and his flock promptly turned back for home.


A dutiful leader, this dragon was primarily aggressive only due to his desire to save himself and his flock mates from a debilitating sickness. Though he and Flash Magnus briefly clashed over his intent to violate Equestria's border, they soon ceased upon being confronted with the unexpected spectacle of both being yelled at by Rockhoof. Where the leader had only shortly before been angrily scoffing at Flash Magnus' bravado, based on the pony's experience with other dragons, he actually seemed somewhat friendly towards Flash upon being confronted with Rockhoof's ridicule. The leader also proved willing to listen to Mage Meadowbrook despite his short-lived hostility towards ponies, and after receiving her help departed peacefully with the rest of his flock.



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