Unidentified dragon (Campfire Tales)

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Unidentified dragon (Campfire Tales)
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"Campfire Tales"

This dragon was a companion to Torch in the Age of Heroes. The two of them ambushed a squad of the Cloudsdale Royal Legion as they were flying over the Dragon Lands to rendezvous with several comrades. They abducted some of the Pegasi, taking them back to their cave as prisoners. However, one of their comrades, cadet Flash Magnus, lured the pair of dragons from their cave into a storm crafted by the remainder of the squad. After suffering lightning strikes, the two dragons retreated to their cave, leaving the Pegasi to flee to safety.



Behind the scenes

Due to its brief appearance in a single episode, virtually nothing is known about this dragon, including their name or gender. Due to their appearance alongside Torch, some have speculated that they might be Ember's mother.


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