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Not to be confused with G'nash.
Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesSand Dragon
Age500+ Moons
Real world
Beyond Equestria: Fluttershy Balances the Scales

Gnash is a Sand Dragon who lives in the vicinity of Seaquestria.


Like others of his kind, Gnash lived in the seas below Mount Aris, and was in a state of hibernation when the Hippogriffs-turned-Seaponies built Seaquestria. Unfortunately, Gnash's new neighbors were ignorant of his presence and that of his fellows, and thus helped themselves to the seaweed that his kind relied upon as a post-hibernation food source. This resulted in the Beezlebugs, helpful creatures who gathered seaweed for the Sand Dragons, swarming Seaquestria in droves. Moreover, when Gnash awoke from his hibernation he found himself not only without food, but unable to locate his various friends and relatives due to Seaquestria's construction.

Missing both his fellow Sand Dragons and the missing Beezlebugs, the hungry and lonely Gnash abducts the Seapony Cerulean out of a desire for company. He later does the same to Fluttershy, who is visiting the Seaponies, after a troop of Seapony Royal Guards attack him out of the belief that he has eaten Cerulean. After Gnash explains himself to Fluttershy, she attempts to act as a negotiator between the Sand Dragon and Seaponies, only to be briefly knocked unconscious due to the aggressive actions of Salt Air. Fortunately, Princess Skystar is able to continue her efforts, and invites Gnash and his fellow Sand Dragons to visit Seaquestria as an apology for disturbing their natural habitat.

Gnash successfully locates several of his fellow Sand Dragons, and arrives with them at Seaquestria dressed in a suit. Though the Seaponies and Sand Dragons are still somewhat hesitant, Queen Novo welcomes Gnash and his compatriots. The two then toast the newfound friendship between their peoples, and both parties join in celebration.


Despite his massive size, Gnash is a kindly individual, not seeking to cause harm to others. Any negative actions he has taken seem to have been motivated by desperation rather than any sense of malice.



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