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Friendship is Magic character
Ocellus transforming into the Dragon diplomat
Biographical information
NationalityDragon Lands
ResidenceDragon Lands
FamilyDragon diplomat's family
Real world
"The Voice of Reason"

This diplomat was an official of the Dragon Lands. She has a son, who often plays with and sets her documents on fire. She appeared at a diplomacy meeting with Prince Rutherford and Gilda where they discussed plans with Princess Cadance. She, like her fellow diplomats, was patient and understanding, knowing Cadance couldn't focus completely on her task at hand due to her daughter. Afterwards, she and the other diplomats opted to play with Flurry Heart while discussing the matters at hand.

Behind the scenes

Ocellus transformed into her in "School Daze" and “Uprooted”. She wasn't revealed to be her own character until "The Voice of Reason".


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