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Scalio, also known as Aquamarine Dragon or Fire Guardian, is a male Dragon.


When Dragon Lord Torch called for a Gauntlet of Fire to determine his successor, Scalio was among the dragons who competed, donning armor to take part in the competition. Clad in armor, he was among the competitors who made it to the chamber of the Flame-cano where the Bloodstone Scepter landed, but was beaten to it by Spike, whom he acknowledged as the new Dragon Lord. However, after ordering Garble to return home and hug every dragon he met on the way there-with Scalio being the first-Spike surrendered the scepter to Ember. Scalio subsequently accompanied Ember in returning to Torch's presence, where she was recognized as the new Dragon Lord.[1]

Twilight Sparkle later included Scalio among the various Dragons recreated for a simulation in which she imagined sending her student Starlight Glimmer to the Dragon Lands as an ambassador. Later, he and Backdraft joined an irate Ember in hearing Rarity's plea that Smolder be allowed to return to the School of Friendship. On another occasions, he was one of a number of teenage/young adult dragons recruited by Ember to help heat nests of Dragon eggs after Garble's gang thoughtlessly drained away the lava intended to help them hatch. Thanks to Garble's poetry, Scalio was amused enough to breath superhot fire that, with that of the other dragons, caused the eggs to hatch.[2]

Scalio was later among the numerous Dragons and other creatures who joined in the final battle against the Legion of Doom.[3]



During the Gauntlet of Fire, Scalio wore a suit of armor to give him added protection. The armor was made out of gray metal, with light blue wing decorations on the boots and knee and forearm plates held in place by straps. A large breastplate encircled Scalio's chest, with holes exposing his wings and sleeves extending to his elbows. Another cylindrical plate encircled Scalio's neck, while his head was covered by a helmet. This comes with a slitted mouth guard, with holes just above it for his eyes.



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