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Friendship is Magic character
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Pegasus
OccupationRoyal Legion captain
ResidenceRoyal Legion, High Desert, Northern Equestria
HomeRoyal Legion
AffiliationRoyal Legion

Captain Ironhead (formerly Commander) was a captain of the Royal Legion during the Age of Heroes. A gruff and tough fellow, Ironhead acted as both a boss and father figure to his soldiers, and though he demanded his orders to be followed, he understood if his orders were broken in order to help innocents. Although he enjoyed the company of his squad, whether he liked showing it, he also did value time alone no matter how he got it, as shown when he took a vacation deep in a swamp.

Behind the scenes

Ironhead first appeared in the semi-canon Legends of Magic #4 as the leader of the Royal Legion. In may ways, his role was similar to that of Steela Oresdotter, as both were gruff, but kind rulers who valued the lives of others more than they lead on. Unlike Steela however, Ironhead's lasting role would be considerably minor. While he did appear in future works such as Legends of Magic Annual 2018, his role in said works were quite minor.


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