Knuckerbocker is a male Dragon.

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At an unknown time, Knuckerbocker seems to have created or become associated with Knuckerbocker's Shell, a magical artifact that allows its user to summon a dragon. The artifact may well summon Knuckerbocker himself, as Daring Do was able to call upon Knuckerbocker using an object that seems to have matched the shell's description in all but name. Daring was apparently only able to call upon Knuckerbocker's services by this means three times. After an unspecified first instance, she called upon Knuckerbocker for the second time in order to ride him-accompanied by her uncle Gallant True-to the Isles of Scaly.

If Daring indeed possessed the shell, it seems that it eventually passed into the custody of Princess Celestia, most likely after Daring had called upon Knuckerbocker for a final time. The shell was later loaned to Twilight Sparkle at the School of Friendship, and was named as Knuckerbocker's Shell when it was displayed to the students there.




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