Dragon Lands

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Dragon Lands
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LocationDragon-Kirin Island
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"Dragon Quest"

The Dragon Lands are a region outside of Equestria known for being home to many Dragons, who are ruled over by the Dragon Lord.


The Dragon Lands are located on a large island in the Celestial Sea, east of Equestria and south of the land mass where Griffonstone is located. The region is known for its volcanic activity, with volcanos and lava pools appearing prominently throughout the Dragon Lands. The area is arid and rocky, with mountains and other large rock formations and little in the way of vegetation in those areas that are inhabited by dragons. Caverns of various sizes dot the landscape, and the sky is perpetually cloudy.


From Scintilla to Spike

The nation was founded in an unknown, but very ancient time period by Scintilla, who would become its first Dragon Lord. The kingdom was founded as a byproduct of the First Dragon-Yak War. During the last stages of the conflict, Scintilla and Prince Ulysses struck a truce and became close friends as they wandered the lands in order to discover proper lands for both of their kinds, with Prince Ulysses founding Yakyakistan and Scintilla founding the Dragon lands. During this period, Scintilla was referred to as an Honorary Yak.

One of the earliest accounts of the Dragon Lands is that of the Ancient Dragon Lord, who ruled over the Dragon Lands long ago. Sadly, after showing kindness to the young Dragon Scales, the Ancient Dragon Lord was betrayed and his Bloodstone Scepter stolen. This led to the Reign of Scales over the Dragon Lands, though little is known of this period. Some time prior to the formation of the Pillars of Equestria, future member Flash Magnus and his Royal Legion comrades were ambushed by a pair of Dragons while flying over the Dragon Lands. After an intense conflict, they succeeded in luring the Dragons into some storm clouds they had amassed and were able to make their way home in safety.

One of the Dragons encountered by Magnus was the future Dragon Lord Torch, whose "extraordinary" reign would last for quite some time. Over a thousand years after the encounter between Torch and the legion, Spike would visit the Dragon Lands after joining in the Great Dragon Migration, though he and his Pony friends would leave shortly thereafter following an altercation with Garble and several other teenage dragons. Spike would later make a brief return to the Dragon Lands to return Peewee, a young Phoenix whose egg he rescued from Garble's gang, to his parents. His next visit would not be a voluntary one, as he was summoned to take part in the Gauntlet of Fire that determined the successor of Torch.

Though not wishing to rule over the Dragon Lands, Spike soon determined that he had to participate, feeling that the other young Dragons taking part would pose a threat to his friends and adopted homeland of Equestria. He formed an unlikely alliance, and later friendship, with Torch's daughter Princess Ember and succeeded in claiming the Bloodstone Scepter. As the new Dragon Lord, Spike issued a single order, commanding Garble to hug every dragon he saw as he made his way home without telling them the reason. He then placed the scepter in the hands of Ember, wanting her to take it back to her father and serve as the new Dragon Lord, which she did.

Reign of Ember

Ember was officially proclaimed Dragon Lord when she brought the Bloodstone Scepter back from the Flamecano where Torch had placed it as part of the Gauntlet of Fire. Having befriended Spike, Twilight Sparkle, and Rarity, Ember sought to establish more peaceful relations between Dragons and Ponies than had existed previously. However, she struggled with long-standing pony prejudices, and became frustrated with their attitudes towards dragons. When she learned that the yak Prince Rutherford had named Pinkie Pie an honorary yak in violation of an ancient bond between Prince Ulysses and Lord Scintilla, she became furious. As a result, she led her dragons to Yakyakistan and initiated the Second Dragon-Yak war.

As it happened, several ponies-including the Wonderbolts-were in Yakyakistan at the time, and others-including Twilight Sparkle and her closest friends-soon arrived to help the yaks fend off the dragons. After the initial assault, Ember appeared and informed the yaks of their transgression-without going into specifics-and warned them to prepare for further battle the next day. Fortunately, the conflict was halted by Spike acting as mediator between the two sides, helping them come to an understanding and correct their ill behaviors. The dragons made peace with the yaks, even helping to repair the damage they had caused before returning to the Dragon Lands.

At some point, Ember issued a decree that dragons were to establish peaceful relations with ponies, with a warning against doing any harm to them. After Ember met and befriended Thorax, leader of the Changeling Kingdom, peaceful relations were established between dragons and changelings, despite Spike's fears that the two peoples would go to war. Under Ember's leadership, a delegation of dragons also attended the Convocation of the Creatures, a gathering of various species from around the world. Unfortunately, such work of diplomacy was nearly undone after Twilight founded the School of Friendship only for it to be shut down by the EEA. When students of various non-pony races went missing, Ember and various other leaders became angry and suspicious of each other.

Fortunately, Twilight and Celestia were able to resolve the issue before war could break out. Later, after overseeing the hatching of a new generation of dragon eggs, which was only enabled by Garble making the other dragons laugh by reciting beat poetry, Ember declared that dragons would celebrate each other's differences rather than mocking them in the future. Later, Ember would lead her people into battle against the Legion of Doom after Smolder rallied the dragons with the lessons she had learned about friendship.

Second Reign of Spike

After Opaline Arcana attempted to seize all Magic for herself, Twilight Sparkle would send the dragons into hiding for their own safety. She created the Unity Crystals and the Dragonstone as a means of safeguarding the Magic of both species from the evil Alicorn. This resulted in the separation of dragons and ponies. The dragons would eventually go into hibernation after dissension among the pony tribes resulted in their magic being lost.

By this time, Spike had once again received the mantle of Dragon Lord, and on this occasion retained it. He was still serving in this capacity when the ponies regained the use of their magic. While this allowed the dragons to reawaken, it also created a breach in the spell Twilight had cast to safeguard Equestria from Opaline. The wicked Alicorn soon became determined to succeed where she had failed before and become a Fire Alicorn, possessing the magic of both ponies and dragons.

Monarch history


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