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Spike, lord of All Dragons

The Bloodstone Scepter was a legendary object wielded by the Dragon Lords.


The origins of the Bloodstone Scepter are unknown, with the Ancient Dragon Lord being the earliest known wielder of it, though it seems to have already been a symbol of the Dragon Lord's authority. It was subsequently stolen from him by Scales, and recognized her as the new Dragon Lord. It eventually passed to Torch, who ruled for a considerable length of time before dragon law demanded that he step down. As such, Torch summoned dragons from across the world to take part in a Gauntlet of Fire to determine his successor.

Having designed the Gauntlet himself, Torch placed the scepter within the nearby Flame-cano, with the objective of the Gauntlet being to retrieve it. The first to do so and bring it back to Torch would be proclaimed the new Dragon Lord. Working together with Ember, Spike succeeded in recovering it, but later passed it to Ember so that she could become Dragon Lord. Ember would subsequently be seen carrying it on certain occasions, such as when Rarity came to ask that Smolder be allowed to return to the School of Friendship and upon decreeing that dragons would respect each others' interests regardless of what they were. She was also seen holding it when Smolder urged the dragons to join the final battle against the Legion of Doom, and again when she attended Twilight Sparkle's coronation as Queen of Equestria.


The Bloodstone Scepter is evidently magical, but the exact nature and extent of its powers are unknown. It's most notable property is producing a magical flame that swirls around a dragon when it recognizes them as a new Dragon Lord. It is unclear what is involved in this process, as the scepter has recognized every dragon who has been seen to hold it as Dragon Lord. This number is not high, but includes at least one dragon who stole the scepter rather than earning it under conditions set by a retiring Dragon Lord.

The scepter also seems to be tied to the Dragon Lord's ability to summon other dragons, as upon being surrendered by Torch for the Gauntlet of Fire it released a wave of energy that deactivated the summoning spells effects.



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