Dragon-Kirin island

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Dragon-Kirin island

Dragon-Kirin island is an island located in the Celestial Sea above the Great Iceberg Barrier, below the Griffonstone and east of Black Skull Island. It's a large island, seemingly the third largest known landmass next to the Equestria continent and the aforementioned Griffon continent.


In the distant past, dragons likely lived somewhere on the Equestria continent given their early wars with the Yak civilizations. After a peace treaty was struck, the dragons migrated to the lands where they believed they most well belonged.[1] Although the Dragon Lands were founded on the island, dragons continue to exist throughout Equestria.


The island was heavily forested, but contained three large bodies of water, most notably the Lost Lagoon. The island also had massive mountains, though the kinds of mountains varied from volcanoes to smooth, grey-stoned mountains.

Behind the scenes


In the original Map of Equestria, there was a small patch in the forest of the Dragons Lair with no trees. In revised editions of the map, such as the one found in Tails of Equestria: The Official Movie Sourcebook, the patch was replaced with a lake.



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