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Billy, also known as Tangerine Dragon, is a male Dragon.


When Dragon Lord Torch called for a Gauntlet of Fire to determine his successor, Billy was among the dragons who answered the summons, but fell afoul of the attacking Slingtails. He apparently turned back after being caught in a plume of flame with Rex, and was present when Ember was named the new Dragon Lord. Billy was also among the teen Dragons who were gathered for a Gorge-surfing competition when Spike and Rainbow Dash arrived in the Dragon Lands in search of Flash Magnus' shield, Netitus. Like Garble, he seemed to dislike ponies, but officiated a race between Garble and Spike for the shield, later annoying Garble when he commented on Rainbow Dash and Spike stealing the shield.

On another occasion, Billy watched as Charcoal engaged Smolder in an arm-wrestling match but was defeated by the smaller Dragon, who then received approval from Ember to return to the School of Friendship early. As a member of Garble's gang along with Fume and Clump, he later mocked Spike when the younger Dragon came to the Dragon Lands with Smolder and Fluttershy. Billy and his friends also diverted lava intended to heat Dragon eggs to a pool for their own enjoyment, only to incur Ember's wrath when the eggs didn't hatch. They were called upon to heat the eggs with their fire breath, and Garble was able to use his poetry to cause them to produce super hot fire and hatch the eggs.

Billy and the others, who had mocked Garble for not picking on Spike at Smolder's insistence, started to mock him again until Ember declared that he was a hero. Billy quickly joined the other Dragons in asking Garble to teach them how to perform their own poetry. Billy was later among the numerous Dragons and other creatures who joined in the final battle against the Legion of Doom. Years later, he was seen approaching Canterlot, which welcomed Dragons and various other creatures under the rule of Twilight Sparkle.

Behind the scenes

Billy was voiced by Nicole Oliver.


Billy was named "Plume" in the unoffical card pack, Leaders and Legends.


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