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"...A Friendly Place"
— Tagline[source]

MyStable was a Social Media website that allows its users to get in touch with friends, family or to post others private information to create a storyline so hated that we're still getting fanfics about it four years after it was released post silly pictures of yourself.


MyStable appeared to be the go-to social media website at one point, though SnapGab seems to have become more popular in following years. During its heyday, the site boasted a userbase of at least 70,000 users, though was most likely much bigger. Many students of CHS had their own accounts, such as Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer. Curiously, Pinkie Pie's friends list included an image of Pinkie Pie herself from the "pony dimension".

Jealous that their sisters (and mentor in Scoots' case) were spending more time with Sunset Shimmer, who is all alone on the holidays, the Canterlot Movie Club devised a fake internet persona "Anon-a-Miss" to reveal private information about the other girls in an attempt to get back at her. Anon-a-Miss proved to be wildly popular among students of CHS and soon, the girls were all bullied and mocked for private information that only they knew. The girls all pinned the blame on Sunset Shimmer, causing her to become stigmatized as a narc among the school. After realizing what they did was wrong, the Canterlot Movie Club apologized to Sunset personally for causing her so much grief.


The website seems to function similarly to how MySpace did during its height, with elements of other Social Media sites like Facebook. It appears that users are allowed to customize their profiles with color schemes and backgrounds, while their friends are displayed on the left side of their screen. Users may post images or status updates, and friends are allowed to post on them.


Confirmed users

The following individuals are known to have accounts:

Potential users

These are individuals who aren't confirmed to have accounts, but possibly do. They were never seen using the site in any capacity, but were shown to be affected by the Anon-a-Miss gossip. This doesn't inherently mean they used the site, but instead could've been told about gossip being spread.

Behind the scenes

MyStable was featured heavily in the story, "Happy Holidays", being the secondary plot device for the narrative (the primary one being the holiday season). The name is a pun on "MySpace.

MyStable's user icons are not original artwork and are typically pulled from stock art or other My Little Pony comics, which creates a noticeable disconnect in art styles.


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