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Rainbow Dash getting harassed on the internet

The internet is a (terrible) wonderful thing that allows individuals to connect and share things. Several aspects of internet connections are done through Social Media outlets and sites. Internet is connected to most devices, such as computers and phones in the Human world. In the Pony world, the internets influence seems far lesser, though Rarity berated Applejack for not managing her social media presence, meaning internet to some extent exists.[1]

Apps and smartphones have been used by ponies in advertisements, but the canonicity of these are likely...just not a thing.

Apps and websites

Apps are software that are installed onto phones via internet services. Websites are a similar entity and provide similar services.

4 Hoof

4 Hoof was an application. Twilight Sparkle had it installed on her smart phone. It used Rainbow Dash as their logo.[2]


EPR was an app for Pony Radio.[2]


EQSN, or Equestrian Center was a sports news network that presumably had information regarding Equestrian sports.[2]


Equcurtous is an app. Its purpose was unknown.[2]


EquiWeather was an application that presumably had data regarding weather forecasts.[2]


Facebook is a social media website that probably has a correlation with PonyBook.[3]


Feedit is an application and website forum that used Rainbow Dash as their logo.[2]


Groupony is an application that presumably allowed for individuals to chat with one another.[2]

Happy Flower

Happy Flower was an application. Its use is unclear.[2]


iGallop is an application that used Scootaloo as their icon.[2]


Instagram is a Social media website primarily used for storing photos and videos. Twilight Sparkle apparently posted an image to Instagram of her in Pisa, Italy, near the Leaning Tower of Pisa.[3]


LinkedIn is a social media website that exists in the human world. Apparently, Twilight Sparkle has an account set up there. [3]


MLP was a sports league that used Pinkie Pie as their logo. What sport they represented was unclear.[2]


MyStable is a social media platform.[4]

Neigh U

Neigh U is an application that allowed users to browse parties and presumably other get-togethers they wanted to visit. The app was popular enough that Vinyl Scratch, under the epithet of DJ PON3 advertised her party on the service. Spike and Applejack also advertised their own parties.[2]

Pinkie Sweets

Pinkie Sweets is an application that had Pinkie Pie on its icon.[2]

Pony Radio

Pony Radio, also known as EPR, was a radio station that was available on phones.[2]


PonyBook is a Social Media website that is in no way similar to Facebook. It presumably allowed for ponies to connect and chat.[2]


Ponydora was an app, presumably for playing music. Its logo was designed after Pinkie Pie.[2]


Princess is an application that had Princess Celestia as its icon.[2]


SnapGab is a social media platform made popular by influencers.[5]


Tinder is a dating website designed for ponies to meet up and begin relationships.[3]


Whinny was an that, presumably served as a Social Media device allowing ponies to post updates to their lives.[2]


Wikiponia is, um, the (presumably) free encyclopedia of the world of Equestria that is editable to all.[2]


Yahoof is a website and search engine.[2]

Internet people and media

Some individuals used the internet very heavily in ther day-to-day lives, such as Vignette Valencia. Likewise, some characters were created over the internet, like Anon-a-Miss. The Equestria Girls made several internet shows and shorts.

Behind the scenes


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