Twilight Sparkle conspiracy

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The Twilight Sparkle conspiracy, or Twilight Sparkle smear campaign was an attempt by Sunset Shimmer to ruin Twilight's image through a series of ads and pinning crimes on her.


When Twilight arrived in the human dimension, her crown, the Element of Magic was mistaken as a crown for the Fall Formal and thus was used as the Fall Formal's prize. Sunset Shimmer was keenly aware of this and sought to win the contest so she could get the crown and use the element for herself. In doing so, she and her two lackies, Snips and Snails sought to ruin her reputation. First, she her aforementioned henchmen take photos of her failing at basic, human tasks in the library and would later edit them together in a video which she uploaded to the internet. Later, she had her henchmen vandalize the decorations in the gymnasium and pinned the incident on her. Luckilly, Flash Sentry managed to prove her innocent.

In spite of the efforts, Sunset Shimmer failed and Twilight won, leading Sunset to perform a low and desperate tactic of kidnapping Twilight's best friend, Spike and held him as hostage. This incident would lead into the Battle for the Fall Formal.


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