Macintosh Hills

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The Macintosh Hills is a hillside located in Southern Equestria bordering the boundary of the Mysterious South.


The Mane Six traveled to the hillside during their quest to the Changeling Kingdom. They weren't in the hills for long, as they quickly came across the Appaloosan Mountains.[1] The hill was featured in the Map of Equestria, thus meaning it was mapped out at one point.


The hillside is just north of the Mysterious South. It's near the Arimaspi Territory, the Badlands and the Forbidden Jungle.[2] The hills are very close to the Appaloosan Mountains, so close that one can travel between the two in minutes.[1] The geography of the hills seems to be somewhat inconsistent. In The Return of Queen Chrysalis - Part II, the hills were shown to be extremely lush with lots of vibrant colors and and thriving plant life, while the Map of Equestria depicts it as rocky barren and close to a desert.

Behind the scenes

The hills first appeared in Friendship is Magic #2 "The Return of Queen Chrysalis" - Part 2, though they weren't visited for very long. A seemingly revised depiction of the hills appeared later in Tails of Equestria: The Storytelling Game, on its Map of Equestria. In the depiction there, they were shown to be rocky and situated on a desert.




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