At a Restaurant

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At a Restaurant is the sixth and final story within the "Introducing the Ponies" segment of the Tomodachi wa Mahou manga. It is the story that introduces Fluttershy to the story.


Introducing Fluttershy

Fluttershy greets the reader in an forested area, alongside several critters and animals, such as Angel, another bunny and what appears to be a squirrel.

At a Restaurant

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are eating out together at an Unnamed Restaurant. Dash asks what Fluttershy is having, but she replies incredibly quietly. Their waiter politely tells her that she should speak a little louder. Dash fiercely defends Fluttershy in front of the waiter, saying that she can't speak much louder. Fluttershy instead opts to point to the food she's going to eat, which due to her hooves, makes it impossible for the waiter to see what she's pointing to. This makes Rainbow Dash snap as she kicks the waiter, yelling that he should've made the letters bigger instead, all the while Fluttershy asks Rainbow Dash not to fight.





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