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The Anime club, posing like Sailor Moon characters

Anime was a form of animation that came from the country of Japan. Anime throughout Equestria was scarce, but had a dedicated following. Anime had an equivalent form known as manga, which were comic books that originated from Japan and had their own characteristics.

Behind the scenes

Anime parodies and influence


Anime, manga, and Japanese media in general have influenced My Little Pony in a variety of ways. In the episode "Scare Master", Fluttershy had several artworks of ponified anime characters, such as Bulma Briefs and Ranma Saotome. In the Equestria Girls short, "Queen of Clubs", the Anime club posed like the Sailor Senshi, who have appeared throughout the series, primarily n the comics by IDW Publishing, for example, Aqua Mist.

The manga series, My Little Pony: The Manga, surprisingly doesn't parody much anime, instead serving as a parody of Doctor Who, does briefly parody ninja and high school anime in the final story of the first volume, in which the Applejack-san of the Apple clan, a clan of Ninja, must go to Ponyville-cho High School to save the world from Spikezilla. In the tory, the Mane Six are portrayed as stereotypes and Twilight herself is a magical girl, and the story ends with them creating a mech to fight off the rampaging kaiju.

Similarly, "Discord in Time" features another mech parody, as the Cutie Mark Crusaders create a mech to fight Gummy.

Several characters have been shown to enjoy anime, such as Mystery Mint, Cherry Crash, Scribbl Dee, Paisley, Watermelody, Fluttershy, and King Sombra.

Performers involved in anime

Kira Buckland cosplaying as Joylne from the popular anime series, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Many Pony voice actors have been involved in anime. As several anime was dubbed in Canada in the '80s and '90s, several actors who would appear in Generation 3 and Friendship is Magic appeared in anime works prior. Most notably of these would probably be Richard Ian Cox who appeared in several iconic anime series such as InuYasha and Dragon Ball and Brian Drummond, who appeared as Vegeta in the Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z, though there are many more examples. For example, both Nicole Oliver and Kathleen Barr appeared in Adieu Galaxy Express 999, as Emeraldas and Maetel respectively.

In some cases, actors more known for anime roles have been cast to play characters, such as Brittany Lauda and Kira Buckland, who both appeared in software games and was has been involved in tons of different anime properties.


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