Four Princes of Farasi

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The Four Princes of Farasi, were the rulers of Farasi during the Era of Twilight.


Behind the scenes

First alluded to in Friendship is Magic issue 89, the princes are largely mysterious. Only one of their number, Abraxas, is named or appears in subsequent issues. It is unclear whether they were members of one royal family, or even whether they were all zebras like Abraxas. Given Farasi's mixed population, it seems plausible that the other three princes may have been Abada or Kelpies.

Additional mysteries surrounding the princes include how long they, along with any predecessors or successors, may have ruled Farasi. Whether the institution existed when the Knights of Harmony first visited, and later warred with, Farasi is never clarified. Similarly, while the 2022 My Little Pony comics have introduced new zebra characters, these are shown to reside in Equestria, with no indication as yet as to whether Farasi still exists or is ruled by the same system.