Diamond Dog ruler

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FIM61 Diamond king.png
Species Dog
Kind Diamond Dog
Gender Male
Occupation Ruler
Residence Unknown

The unnamed Diamond Dog ruler was among the representatives for the Diamond Dogs at the Convocation of the Creatures conference.


He's assumed to be the ruler as he strongly resembles the Master and because the other representatives were simple miners. He appeared to be a cruel ruler, as he had his miner locked up in a chained leash. For some reason or another, he was at odds with Princess Celestia and the Abyssinian King, making snide faces towards them.[1]


In contrast of the commonly earth-colored Diamond Dogs, the Master had pink fur and brown hair. He had a lightning bolt shaped marking across his face, similarly to Master.

Behind the scenes[edit]

His appearance is based off of Ziggy Stardust, an alter-ego created by David Bowie. Curiously, there are two Diamond Dogs named Ziggy and Stardust respectively.



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