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Lunaverse Rainbow Dash
Biographical information
SpeciesPony  • Bat Pony
ResidenceCastle of Two Sisters
Lunar Guard's Quarters
Real world
Friendship is Magic - "The Cutie Re-Mark"
My Little Pony (Gameloft)

Lunaverse Rainbow Dash is the counterpart of Rainbow Dash in the Lunaverse alternate timeline.


The life of this version of Rainbow Dash was presumably identical with that of the main timeline's Rainbow Dash, up until the day on which, in the main timeline, the Mane Six received their Cutie Marks. However, a battle between the time-traveling Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle distracted Rainbow Dash from her race with Hoops, Dumb-bell, and Score, and thus prevented her from performing her first Sonic Rainboom. As a result of these alterations to the timeline, Lunaverse Nightmare Moon was victorious upon escaping her exile from the moon, and sent Lunaverse Princess Celestia there in her place. The rebuilt Castle of Two Sisters became her seat of power, and Rainbow Dash-now sporting the wings and tail of a Bat Pony-became part of her Royal Guard along with several presumably natural Bat Ponies.

When the main timeline's Twilight and Spike arrived in the present-day of the Lunaverse, they entered the castle and were soon confronted and surrounded by Rainbow Dash and her cohorts. Having overheard Twilight speak regarding her travels through time, Nightmare Moon demanded answers, and Rainbow Dash removed her helmet to add her own threats to the tyrant's. She and several of the other guards accompanied their leader and Twilight to the Cutie Map, but Twilight managed to escape them and free a captive Spike as well. The pair then traveled back in time; whether or not this timeline and its Rainbow Dash continued to exist afterwards is unknown.


Lunaverse Rainbow Dash seems to have been loyal to Nightmare Moon, referring to her as "the princess" and expressing complete willingness to follow her orders. However, this loyalty does not seem to have been inspired by love, as Rainbow Dash shared a glance of fear with another guard when Spike mentioned Princess Celestia in front of their volatile ruler.

Behind the scenes

Lunaverse's Bat Pony status is something of a mystery, with no explanation being offered as to why she possesses Bat Pony wings and a tail, while lacking the tufted ears and slit pupils of true Bat Ponies. Of course, little is known about Bat Ponies in general due to the scarce nature of their appearances across various media.


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