Sugarcube Corner

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Sugarcube Corner
Friendship is Magic character
Overview information
LocationMillers Road[1]
TypeConfectionery shop
Historical information
FounderCup Cake
Carrot Cake
"Friendship is Magic"

Sugarcube Corner is a restaurant and residence located in Ponyville. The shop is ran by the Cake family with Pinkie Pie being the only other employee, as well as the resident of the residential upperstares.


Sugarcube Corner is a sweets shop that sells cakes, icecream, cupcakes, pastries and a variety of other goods. The shop was most likely founded by Mr. and Misses Cake in relatively recent years. Aside from selling foods, the place also serves as sort of a communal hub from the town, as several community events are held in its walls. This is no doubt due to the friendly and warm personalities of its staff and friendly atmosphere.


The shop is located roughly at the intersection of Ponyville Market Street and Ponyvile Residential Zone.


The place was most likely founded by Cup Cake at some point around the wedding of Pear Butter and Bright Mac. At some point later, Pinkie Pie began to work there and move in.

In other media

Equestria Girls

Though not technically appearing, the Sweet Shoppe appears to be the equilvalent in the Equestria Girls continuity.

IDW comics

The shop appears as the initial set piece for "The Pies the Limit".

To be written

My Little Pony: Magic Princess

In the mobile game, the shop serves as a residential location. Its inhabitants include:

Pucchigumi manga

The shop appeared in "Pinkie Pie Loves Parties!".

The shop was having a free-cupcake promotion and Pinkie Pie gave all her friends cupcakes. However, she began to eat her friends' cupcakes right as they were about to eat theirs, causing great sadness and pain among them. Ultimately, they decided to pull their food together and just eat them in a party.

OEL manga

The shop appeared in Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Chapter 7.

Pinkie Pie and Princess Celestia ate at the establishment on their girls night out.[2]

Spike went by the shop and ate food when he was heading off to Carousal Boutique.[3]

Star Dancer, a Future Pony who everypony mistook as a Space Pony bought a Triple Creamy Strawberry Cake cake from Miss Cake.[4]





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