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The name or term "Sugarcube Corner" refers to more than one subject. For a list of other meanings, see Sugarcube Corner (disambiguation).
Sweet Shoppe
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Scott Green and Norman hanging at the Sweet Shoppe.
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Confectionery shop
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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
Equestria Girls: Canterlot High Stories: Pinkie Pie and the Cupcake Calamity

Sweet Shoppe[1] is a shop located in Canterlot. It is ran and managed by Cup Cake and Carrot Cake.[2]


Sweet Shoppe is a popular destination for students of Canterlot High to come during lunch time or after school. Though never really packed, the shop usually has a modest and consistent customer base. Possibly due to its relaxed nature, students have been known to do their homework there. The shop is maintained and likely owned by Cup Cake and Carrot Cake, who show kindness and friendliness towards their customers. During Twilight Sparkle's stay in the world, she and her friends ate there twice and planned their Wondercolts song number in it. Flash Sentry planned a concert at the shoppe a week after the Fall Formal.[3]

During the Anon-a-Miss incident, Sunset Shimmer was struck with inspiration for a way to prove her innocence. Taking the magic journal, she ran to the Sweet Shoppe to show her friends her and Twilight's conversations, proving just how much she truly cared about them. Upon realizing that Sunset did truly love them as family, they believed her, but began to wonder who the true Anon-a-Miss was. At that point, the Canterlot Movie Club entered the shop confessing that they were the true culprits. Together, the girls forgave one another and bonded even closer to one another.[4]


The shoppe served all sorts of sweet and fruit based foods. They appear to be most well known for their ice cream and smoothies, but they sell other types of food as well, such as:

Behind the scenes

The shop is often called Sugarcube Corner by fans, due to its similarity to the shop in Friendship is Magic.

In later Equestria Girls media, the shop appeared to be "replaced" by Sweet Snacks Cafe, as it is where Pinkie Pie works, and were most restaurant-based stories are set.




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