Prince Valiant

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Prince Valiant
My Little Pony character
Biographical information
FamilyPrincess Rosabelle (wife)
Real world
The Trolls and the Castle of Darkness

Prince Valiant is a heroic prince who braved the Gloomy Glade and Castle of Darkness to save his princess, Princess Rosabelle.


He passed by Dream Castle and asked the ponies there for directions on where to go to the Castle of Darkness. Though the ponies warn him not to go, he tells that that he has to to save his princess. Deciding to aid him, the ponies teleport him to Gloomy Glade where he sails with the seaponies to the Castle of Darkness. He snuck in through a window to find Rosabelle while his pony companions fought off the two trolls, Topaz and Jade.

Afterwards, the two got married as the ponies sung about the event.


Behind the scenes[edit]

Valiants' appearance is very similar to Prince Charming as he appeared in Snow White. Curiously, Prince Charming himself appeared in an episode of My Little Pony, where he fell in love with Heart Throb.

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