Equestria (Deviations)

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This version of Equestria is the setting of My Little Pony: Deviations.


Like several other alternate versions of Equestria, the history of this version of Equestria deviates from the primary Equestria's timeline on the day the Mane Six received their Cutie marks. However, in this case, Starlight Glimmer is not known to have had anything to do with this development. Instead, Princess Celestia chose not to take on Twilight Sparkle as her personal protégé at the School for Gifted Unicorns. Believing that any instructor would be able to help such a talented young Unicorn, Celestia decided instead to focus her attention on a struggling young student.

Celestia's choice was her distant nephew, Prince Blueblood, despite his own misgivings and those of Kibitz and Inkwell. Sadly, Celestia chose not to heed their warnings, and Blueblood proved just as spoiled and entitled as his counterpart from the primary Equestria. Thus, as the day of the Summer Sun Celebration to be held in Ponyville approached, Celestia eagerly took advantage of the opportunity to ship her now unwanted protégé off to the smaller town. She was considerate enough to provide him with a copy of The Elements of Harmony, given the imminent return of Nightmare Moon, but Blueblood unsurprisingly showed no interest in a task that seemed to offer him neither entertainment nor pampering.

In another departure from the primary Equestria's timeline, Nightmare Moon escaped from the Moon ahead of schedule and promptly invaded Ponyville. At the behest of Applejack, Blueblood briefly attempted to reason with the would-be tyrant, but soon turned his attention to working his new acquaintance like a slave. Fluttershy was the next Ponyville resident to become annoyed with the visiting royal, who used the animals she was attempting to evacuate as a living shield against the attacking Alicorn. He then briefly became smitten with Rarity, who proposed another means of countering Nightmare Moon, only for Blueblood to selfishly lay claim to her magic-repelling fabric.

Rainbow Dash subsequently led several other Pegasi in an attempt to to create a wind sphere around Nightmare Moon, but Blueblood distracted Dash from her efforts and thus foiled the plan. Pinkie Pie would also soon suffer from Blueblood's presence, and the mares he had infuriated were soon complaining that he and Nightmare Moon were two of a kind. Horrified by this comparison, Nightmare Moon emerged from her Corruption and became Princess Luna once again. She soon bonded with the Ponyville mares over their shared dislike of Blueblood, and Luna decided that the best course would be to send him and his pet dog Bunny to the Moon in her place.

Blueblood briefly contemplated taking up the Helm of Shadows himself, but quickly disregarded the idea due to believing that the helmet would ruin his hair. Celestia, meanwhile, noticed a bizarre change in the Moon's appearance some time after a penitent Luna arrived for a visit. She would travel to the Moon to investigate, only to find "Emperor Blueblood" ruling over a kingdom of rock sculptures.