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ResidenceBazzle's cave, Mystic Forest
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"Slumber Party"

Bazzle was a potentially fictious dragon who appeared in Patch's legend of Squire, but was implied to be real.


At some point in the past, it was implied that Bazzle had killed another knight who wished to tame him. Perhaps because of this, Bazzle appeared to be a well-known and feared dragon, well known enough that the king of Squire's kingdom sent his son to tame it in order to prove his worth as a knight. As Squire ventured into his cave, he came across the touch of the deceased knight and tried to tame the dragon, but Bazzle destroyed the floor below Squire, causing him fall.

It was implied that this fall killed Squire, as his ghost forever searches for Bazzle afterwards. Further implying this was after Patch told the legend, the ghost of Squire, still a kid, thanked her for telling his story and that he was still off to find Bazzle.


While at Sweet Heart's slumber party, the pony gang thought they saw Bazzle in her attic, but in actuality it was just a piece of cloth. They later mistook Springfield for Bazzle.

Even after his death, Squire still continues to search for Bazzle.


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